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BlueHost Hosting Coupon: Save 66% Plus Free Web Hosting Domain

Bluehost Webhosting is officially recommended by the official WordPress hosting page so you know you are gaining reliable, performance hosting that gets the thumbs up from those bloggers in the know, especially with this unique Bluehost discount coupon.

Bluehost is easily one of the top web hosting choices for your brand new WordPress blog. This great value Bluehost discount coupon makes it easy to get up and running for next to nothing.

It does not matter what niche your WordPress blog is in. As when armed with this special Bluehost discount coupon you will save a great deal of money on your web hosting.

Let’s face it it is hard enough to make money online as it is without having to contend with expensive revenue draining hosting charges. So I thought I’d do away with all that painful expense and put the money back in your pocket.

However before I share this one of a kind Bluehost coupon with you, please allow me to offer you a brief summary of the current Bluehost plans and web hosting packages. Learn precisely what to expect when you join Bluehost for the very first time.

If you are the impatient type, you can just skip everything and claim your Bluehost discount now.

BlueHost Web Hosting

Your very special discount at Bluehost is included; simply click the special link to secure your discounted web hosting package at the best possible rate.


  • Bluehost Starter: This hosting packages lets you host just 1 single website
  • Try Bluehost Plus: Allows you to host up to 10 Websites ( Most Popular )
  • Bluehost Business Pro: Suggested for WordPress bloggers who need HTTPS/SSL and a dedicated I.P.

Bluehost web hosting packages at a glance

– Bluehost Web Hosting Packages at a Glance –

My recommendation would go for Bluehost plus package for a 2 or 3 years longer term. The higher the term hosting plan will be, you will get more savings over that duration of time.

My personal recommendation when choosing a hosting package for a new or semi new WordPress blog would go for a Bluehost plus package that runs for a 2 or 3 years hosting term.

My reasoning is simple, the higher the term plan will be, you will make greater savings. Moreover, Bluehost is cPanel based hosting which also lets you create a professional email address for free and perform easy admin tasks on your account.

Ensure your site is seen properly all over the world. Bluehost offers free CDN for all your websites with the assistance of Cloudflare distribution. Cloudflare CDN will make your website load 3x faster than your site does right now.

Not only that but with Bluehost you will also get free PPC marketing credits to spend on AdWords and Facebook ads. This means right from the word go you can start promoting your website on the various advertising networks for no initial overhead.

Installing WordPress is a breeze at Bluehost, just one click and your done. Now after a few years when your traffic grows higher, you can always upgrade from shared hosting to more powerful VPS or Dedicated hosting. This is the best route depending upon your requirements and traffic volumes over the coming years.

Webhosting Deal: Exclusive Bluehost Discount Coupon For DesignBump Readers

With this Bluehost discount coupon, you will get the maximum possible discount on your first Bluehost bill. Enjoy the minimum cost there is. In fact you will pay just $3.29/month for the starter package if you go for the three years term hosting plan.

This discount coupon gives you close to 35% discount on the total running cost of your long term web hosting bill when signing up at Bluehost.

Do bear in mind and consider, your only chance to save money on web hosting is on your very first bill, you wont enjoy these huge discounts on hosting renewal.

Therefore be certain to make most out of this exclusive hosting deal from Bluehost and save the maximum amount of revenue possible. Making a purchase is easy as they accept payment via Credit card and Paypal.

The link offered to you below is the discounted link that you need to lock in these special discounts.

BlueHost Web Hosting

Your very special discount at Bluehost is included; simply click the special link to secure your discounted web hosting package at the best possible rate.


  • Fast easy to use and configure
  • Great value hosting for a low cost
  • Support when you need it 24/7

  • Shorter term hosting is less value
  • Migration is not always free
  • Basic hosting plan allows one site

9.5 Total Score
Super Charged Great Value Web Hosting From Bluehost: Save Over 60%+

My recommendation would go for Bluehost plus package for 2 or 3 years term. Higher the term plan will be, you will get more saving especially if you use your special DesignBump link.

Package Design

DesignBump Bluehost Review is a premium and well known web hosting company that is an ideal platform for small WordPress bloggers all the way up to big corporate clients. Bluehost has been awarded with the popular vote on many user review sites. This hosting company is well regarded by industry insiders as being one of the top infrastructure choices for professional data center services.

In fact Bluehost provides a wide variety of both entry level and business tier web hosting plans based on popular blog management platforms such as cPanel, CentOS, OpenStack and KVM among others.

Numerous web designers, graphic artists, coders, and blog managers choose to use Bluehost for their sites and apps because of their noticeable dedication and adherence to supporting the open source software community.

For Powerful WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is very much in demand by WordPress bloggers and is highly respected for fast, robust WordPress CMS site hosting. Indeed Bluehost holds the top spot and number one recommendation from since way back in the year 2005.

In addition to their shared hosting services for WordPress blogs, Bluehost offers more powerful business and corporate packages. These packages are suitable for more popular blogs and other busy sites. The high end hosting plans include VPS packages, in the cloud hosting, reseller accounts, easy domain registration, and dedicated server plans for resource hungry clients.

Of course if you are just starting a blog or if it is still growing then anyone of theses starter or mid tier packages are both perfect and blazingly fast. Bluehost can support the growth of your WordPress blog with a variety of performance packages. So your blog will never run out of steam while under the watchful eye of Bluehost.

In summary, Bluehost web hosting maintains the top standards in the industry for web hosting services at all price points, particularly when using our Bluehost discount coupon. They operate a platform and performance tier whose success most other companies seek to emulate.

BlueHost Web Hosting

Your very special discount at Bluehost is included; simply click the special link to secure your discounted web hosting package at the best possible rate.

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