Media.Net The Best Adsense Alternative Review, 10% Bonus is a really awesome Adsense alternative for bloggers that you ought to at least try out. In fact depending on the vertical of your site, can actually outperform Adsense. Although a wise webmaster will seek to merge the two revenue streams for optimal income yield. Just like Adsense, ad units are largely passive actions.

This means that once you have obtained the ad placement code it can be left to run in the background while you get on with creating engaging new blog content. That said it is well worth your time in monitoring the performance data and experimenting with both placement, ad styles and size in order to maximize performance. 10% Bonus are offering a revenue bonus of 10% via this link

DesignBump ad units run largely on a CPM basis, with less emphasis on clicks. Whereas with Adsense the opposite is true. Intelligent placement of ad units can result in pleasing results. For instance a pro tip is to appreciate that most users do not click on desktop sidebar ads. So this is a perfect location for CPM based ad units, if nobody clicks, no biggie.

If you understand audience patterns then it makes sense to position your CPC ads in high click density areas and CPM ad units such as elsewhere. For placement I recommend that you use excellent ad management plugins such as Advanced Ads or WPQuads. With these tools, some decent traffic and your WordPress site will be a furious income powerhouse in next to no time at all.


Actually is tied at the hip with Bing and integrates with what is left of the largely defunct Yahoo! Search Marketing. Some webmasters may recall the old YPN ad network from several years ago or may have had access to the coveted Yahoo! XML feed. Well after the dust settled and Yahoo! more or less let Bing run the show, many new income opportunities beckoned.

Ad networks such as leverage relationships with upstream providers such as Bing to bring their ad products to everyday webmasters and blog owners. These webmasters would not be eligible to work with these larger companies directly, hence the likes of fill the gap very well.

My recommendation if you have a high traffic blog is to run both Adsense and for maximum revenue potential. Advertisers can signup for free of course here and gain a 10% bonus!

Create Styled Ad Units That Match the Design of Your Site offers a wide array of styles and ad block sizes to suit all types of blog design and niche. Ad units can run easily on desktop and mobile and also over HTTPS without any mixed content errors.

They have a intuitive self serve interface and getting started is extremely easy. Reporting is not realtime as they have to scrape their reporting data from upstream providers such as Bing. However stats are updated daily in most cases. 10% Bonus are offering a revenue bonus of 10% via this link


  • It is a leading premium ad network, currently offering 10% extra via this page
  • High paying big advertisers, a great alternative or complement to Adsense
  • Accurate and transparent next day reporting system

  • They work best with tier one geos
  • You need a very high quality web site
  • May not work well with some niches

9.4 Total Score : A High Performance Adsense Alternative

Publishers with high-quality websites can benefit by adding to their sites. This is a great Adsense alternative and helps diversify revenue streams which is always advised.

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Why You Should Use simply provide a useful alternative income stream to Adsense which is full of faceless autobots when you actually need serious help with your account. With Adsense you can lose an account for any or no reason at all and clawbacks are common. 10% Signup Bonus also has traffic quality expectations; however you can talk to real people and iron out issues in ways that are just impossible with Google. If you are serious about earning money with a blog then you should try and they are currently offering a bonus 10% for the first three months.

Secondly you earn great income in a exciting and different way, so by merging both revenue streams you get the best of both worlds. Not only that, Adsense is a single very vulnerable egg and it is better to have more than one such egg in the basket and is an excellent second choice Adsense alternative if your site is eligible. It packs a solid punch so go and try it and see.

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