RevContent Native Ads Review

Native advertising is a great way to generate revenue without bombarding visitors with traditional ads. With a native ad network, you can monetize your online publication by introducing online visitors to related content directly on the page.

Revcontent Native Ads

RevContent is a premium native ads network for publishers and advertisers.


Since native advertising shows information related to the subject to which visitors have already shown interest, visitors are much more likely to click on the native ad and earn money for the page.

Unlike traditional banner ads and popups, which many website readers rate as “disruptive,” native ads blend rather seamlessly with similar content on the website. This native advertising format is a great way to introduce advertising without interrupting user visits or the information they are trying to learn.

RevContent Native Advertising

RevContent is a highly sought-after content recommendation native ad network. The key factors that set RevContent apart from other networks are rapid growth and consumer reach. This network boasts an average of 200 billion content recommendations per month to consumers across the globe.

My recommendation if you have a high traffic blog is to make it look as good as possible in advance of applying to RevContent publisher programme. Advertisers can signup for free of course.

One of the Most Popular Native Ad Networks

According to Comscore, the consumer reach of RevContent reach exceeds that of popular social media websites such as Linkedin and Twitter. RevContent is well known for its flexible interface, strict editorial standards, and advanced widgets.

RevContent routinely sets the benchmark for premium native ad network publishing. Engaging RevContent as a publisher means that your blog or web site must be able to drive high traffic volumes that are of great quality.

In addition to broad user reach, RevContent remains highly selective of advertisers allowed to work with each publisher.

As a result, publishers can either rely on an automated system, or monitor a stream of pre-screened ads. Higher quality standards for advertisers consistently results in higher conversion rates, and RevContent has one of the best payout ratios in the industry.

Revcontent Native Ads

RevContent is a premium native ads network for publishers and advertisers.


  • It is a leading premium native ad network
  • High paying big advertisers
  • Accurate and transparent real-time reporting system

  • They have many traffic and entry restrictions
  • You need a very high quality web site
  • There are easier ways to test the native ad waters

9.3 Total Score
RevContent Review : A High End Native Advertising Network

Publishers with high-quality websites generating more than 50,000 monthly visits can benefit a lot by joining RevContent. However, be warned that this native advertising network does not compromise with quality. It is said that they only accept 6% of all publisher applications submitted, rejecting over 90% of applicants.

Network Design

Why You Should Use RevContent

The company recently introduced the patent-pending RevContent v2 dashboard, which allows publishers to tailor widgets to further match their website.

As the standard native ad network for publications like Forbes and International Business Times, RevContent has a strong reputation likely to expand with its innovation. RevContent is a leading native advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers than cannot be ignored.

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